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FREEBIE: Thanksgiving Bible Verses for Copywork



Thanksgiving Copywork Freebie Cover

I just put up a brand new item in my store on Currclick…and the best news is, this one is free!!! Check out Thanksgiving Bible Verses for Copywork, just in time to celebrate the holiday.

Handwriting, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, mechanics, AND Bible, all in one easy lesson? It’s simple with Bible Copywork. Your student can study the biblical meaning of Thanksgiving while carefully copying Scripture in their own handwriting. Simply print off each page and let your student copy from the model onto the provided lines. Product includes 27 verses with regular lines for older students followed by the same verses with dotted lines for younger ones. 

And while you are there, you can check out the rest of my products as well.


Mother’s Day Sale at Currclick



This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission. Thank you!

Currclick is currently having a Mother’s Day Sale!  Head on over to check out up to 70% off selected publishers (including Crestview Heights Academy!) and find 11 freebies.


Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


Hi, everyone!

We had a co-op field trip today (which I hope to post about later this weekend!) and so I am just now getting to the winner of last weeks blog hop!  Congratulations to Tracy, who will receive a Well-Planned Day Planner.  I will be contacting you for the email and mailing address you want me to send in to Home Educating Family.  Congratulations!


My Homeschool Story: Blog Hop and Giveaway!!!!


I have some very exciting news!  I am participating in a blog hop with the rest of the Home Educating Family review team every Friday in September!  And if that weren’t exciting enough, each week I am going to be able to offer a giveaway for a product from Home Educating Family!  You can find out the details at the end of this post!

Every so often someone asks me why we homeschool.  It should be an easy question to answer, but it isn’t.  I didn’t one day wake up and decide to homeschool.  It was a process, one that I realize now God guided us through every step of the way…

You see, I never really intended to homeschool.  For that matter, I really hadn’t planned to be a stay-at-home mom, either.  For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a teacher, but my dreams of teaching always included things like rows of school desks, a blackboard, and recess.  Smile 

So, I went to college, got my elementary education degree, and….


became a teacher.  And I loved almost every minute of it.  And then, this happened:

5. Cheyenne Arrival 3

And a few years later, this happened:


Carson Arrival 1b

And I couldn’t imagine being away from them more than eight hours a day.  So, my teaching career took a different turn, and I became a stay-at-home mom.

And then, a few years later…..


…my baby girl turned five.  And our school district had all day Kindergarten.  And they wanted her on the bus at a little after seven and didn’t plan to bring her home until after four. 

So my husband and I talked..and prayed..and talked..and prayed.  And I spent hours reading about homeschooling and talking to people, including one of my best friends, who had chosen to homeschool. And we decided to “try” homeschooling for a year and “see how it goes”.  We could always put her into Kindergarten the next year, even if she would be an older six, right?

And here we are…eight years later…  Homeschooling has been the best choice for our family.  I can’t imagine how different our life would be had we chosen a different path.  How much I would have missed! 

SchoolSept02Egypt Unit0002PICT0242750307-R1-19-5IMG_6422IMG_8289IMG_2815IMG_0008 PPIMG_0054IMG_0090IMG_0367IMG_0417IMG_9622IMG_9882IMG_9885PICT0165IMG_5468IMG_9607100_2339IMG_0735IMG_1428PICT1025PICT1028PICT1039PICT1125PICT1133PICT1149PICT1164PICT1170PICT1217PICT1218IMG_8079IMG_8234IMG_8242IMG_8255IMG_8283IMG_8292IMG_9159IMG_0403IMG_0406

Now, for the giveaway information!  This week, thanks to Home Educating Family, I am able to giveaway a one-year subscription for Home Educating Family Magazine to one of my readers!  You have until midnight next Thursday (September 13th) to enter.  I will be using to choose a winner, which I will announce next Friday (September 14th).  If you enter, please be sure to check back on Friday to see if you are the winner.  I will need to forward the winner’s name and email to Home Educating Family so that they can send you the prize!

Here’s how to enter:

You may have up to three entries per person.  Any extra entries will be deleted before I determine the winner. 

1. You may have one entry just for leaving any comment on this post.  I’d love to know more about you, but even just a “nice post” will do!  Smile

2. You may have one entry for “liking” Crestview Heights Academy on Facebook.  Please leave a separate comment noting that you have done so.  If you already like CHA, just let me know that in the comment.

3. You may have one entry for tweeting about the contest or posting about it on Facebook.  If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook, you can email about the contest or just tell a friend.  Leave a separate comment for completing this activity as well.

Due to international sweepstakes laws, this giveaway is for US entrants only. This giveaway is not tied to any social media site.

I can’t wait until next week, when I will be able to announce the winner of this contest and tell you about next week’s prize!

Please go check out the rest of my team’s blogs and read about their unique homeschool stories.


We Have a Winner!!!


We have a winner!

Congratulations to Holly Boone who wrote comment number 15!  Holly, please contact me at and I will get those right out to you!  I hope you enjoy them.



Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments!  I am excited to get to work on some new products.  I didn’t reply to comments individually because that would have skewed the contest, but I really do appreciate them.  Smile  If you didn’t win and are still interested in a product, I am having a sale in my store on until next Friday (May 11, 2012).




Homeschool Convention Printable Worksheets Freebie



I’m sorry I’ve been quiet recently.  Things have been SO busy around here!

I am headed to my homeschool convention this weekend.  I can’t wait!  I have gone to a convention every  year since we first began  homeschooling.  I enjoy learning new things, looking at all of the wonderful products, and talking to other homeschooling parents.  Usually by this time of year I am tired, the kids are tired, and it is hard to keep pushing through schoolwork.  The convention always reminds me WHY we are doing this and gets me back on track again.

I have a freebie today to help you keep organized during the convention.  Check out Homeschool Convention Worksheets on

Breaking Yearly Goals Into Smaller Goals


This is another post in a series on planning for your homeschool.  If you missed any of the other posts, you can find them by clicking on the “planning” tab on the menu bar.

This is one of my favorite times of year.  It’s beginning to get warmer, the kids can play outside, the trees are budding-and the brown UPS truck starts making regular visits to our home! Boxes of books are gleefully opened (by the kids, course! Smile)  So what next?

The first thing I do whenever I get a school box is to check the contents against the packing slip and then mark each item off on my curriculum tracking form.  When all of the items have arrived I sort it by child and subject.  Then I use the curriculum as well as our homeschooling vision and goals to set me yearly, semester, and monthly goals for the school year.

The following form is a place to record all of the goals for the year for each subject and child:


Download Blank File 

Next, I take the yearly goals and move them onto my semester goal sheet.  I divide the goals into either semester one or two.  Sometimes this means that I divide the goal into two pieces and we do part in each semester.  Some goals will only be covered in one semester or the other.


Download Blank File

Finally, I take the semester goals and record them on my monthly form.  Then I divide the semester goal into manageable monthly goals.  Once again, some goals will be divided evenly among the months and some goals will only be covered in certain months.


Download Blank File

After I have created the goals and divided them by month, I work on dividing the resources by the week.  For some resources we do one chapter a week.  For others I need to divide chapters or pages by how many we need to cover per week in order to complete the resource.  For other subjects I just write down the them for the week.  You can see how I do  this in the example below as well as download the form to use yourself.


Download Blank File

Next time I am going to talk about Homeschool Tracker and how I use it in our homeschool for planning and recording.