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I’ll be honest. Between homeschooling and working at HEDUA, plus my myriad of other responsibilities, housework sometimes gets put on the back burner. However, I have also discovered that both my husband’s and my attitudes are much better when our house is neat. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. While my kids have always had some chores, they sometimes cause more work for me than they are worth. We started a new chore plan that seems to be helping. So far, it has developed independence in my children while also creating, dare I say it, enthusiasm for doing chores.

How to Set up a Paid Chores System

It all started with my son, who complained that there are no jobs available for eleven-year-old boys. While his fourteen-year-old sister can babysit for extra cash, he has yet to find a money-making venture that has panned out-though he has tried. So he had a proposal for me. Would I pay him to do some special chores around the house so he could have some money to buy a gift for a friend? After thinking it through, I agreed-with the following stipulations:

  1. All of his regular personal chores and schoolwork needed to be done before he did the chores for pay.
  2. I had a budget of a certain amount per month I was willing to spend. Once the paid chores were done for the month, that was it.
  3. Part of the deal was that he needed to have a good attitude with his sister. Just like in real life, certain infractions could result in a “fine”.
  4. He needed to pay a tithe on the money he earned.

Here are a few of the chores that I have paid him to do:

  • >Vacuum and scrub the entry floor
  • Wash the entry and hallway woodwork
  • Clean the kitchen junk drawer
  • Wash the kitchen chairs
  • Wipe the kitchen and bathroom baseboards
  • Wash the trash can basket and wipe down the outside of the trashcan
  • Straighten the bathroom drawers and cupboards
  • Clean the garage fridge and wipe it out

My system isn’t perfect. I do have to take time to make an inspection of the chore that has been done. And the paid chores are a whole lot more interesting than school or personal chores. But so far it seems to be a good balance between the requirement of doing chores just because you live in our home, and doing something for pay.

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