Charlotte Mason Homeschool Method

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Method

Charlotte Mason was a British educator in the 1800’s. Her education methods went out of style in the modern school movement, but have been revived in recent years and have become popular in the homeschool world.


These are some of the important parts of the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy:

  1. Children are born persons; they are not born either good or bad, but with possibilities for good and for evil.
  2. Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life. Teachers use the child’s natural environment, disciplining of habits, and the presentation of living ideas in order to teach.
  3. Children learn to write by doing copywork, listening to good literature, giving oral narrations, and eventually writing written narrations and compositions. Students also write from dictation, read by the parent from quality literature.
  4. Lessons are short and pleasant, especially for young students.
  5. Students read “living books,” not “twaddle.” A living book is one that is written by someone who has a passion for the subject and is not condensed or altered. Twaddle would include most contemporary fiction series that talk down and undervalue the intelligence of the child.
  6. Art and music study are important parts of a Charlotte Mason education. Students are taught to enjoy classical music and famous artists in a gentle, natural manner.
  7. Student spend a great deal of time outdoors. Nature study is an important part of the school day.
  8. Handicrafts are taught in a Charlotte Mason school. This can be any number of activities, such as sewing, woodworking, gardening, and drawing.

Here are some examples of curricula and resources that follow a Charlotte Mason philosophy of education:


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