History Museum Field Trip


We love field trips! The other day our co-op went to a history museum about two hours away. We had a blast! The history museum puts on classes for schools, but they had never worked with homeschoolers before. It made for a learning experience for all, I think. Rather than a group of same-age kids, they were creating classes that would work for a multi-aged group with lots of parents, many of whom had toddlers and babies along. The museum did a fabulous job, and we had a great time.

We divided into two groups, one for little that couldn’t walk as far and another for about eight and up. We had a short class discussing the Oregon trail and then went out to experience some of what it would be like.

Crestview Heights Academy Field Trip100_8188

Learning about the trail.


Pumping water and loading the wagons.


Stopping at an out-post store.



Pulling the carts.


Cooking over a campfire.


Tug o’ War on the prairie.


100_8321 edit

Visiting Railroad Town.


Newspaper office and old-fashioned baseball at the general store.

100_8332100_8337100_8345100_8351 edit



100_8354100_8355 edit

Schoolhouse and a sad boy in a pioneer jailhouse.



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