Famous Homeschoolers Series


Crestview Heights Academy Famous Homeschoolers Series

I truly enjoy homeschooling my children, but if I am honest, I will also say that there are many times I can use some encouragement in this journey. One of the best encouragements to me is to remember others who have successfully walked this road. So, in order to both encourage myself and, hopefully, you as well, I am starting a new series here on my blog. I am going to do a series of short biographies on well-known or historical people who were homeschooled.

I’m sure that we have all read the lists on Facebook or the web that include a huge number of supposedly homeschooled people. However, to make it on my list a couple of things need to be true:

  1. The person needs to have some measure of success in his life. Now, we all have our own ideas of what success is. But I am not talking about money or fame here. If the person has tons of money and fame, but their personal life is a mess, they aren’t necessarily successful. On the other hand, some successful people do have sad or unfortunate periods in their lives. Since my purpose in these biographies is to relate uplifting stories of homeschooled individuals in order to encourage homeschooling families, I am looking for stories that will indeed be encouraging. 
  2. The person needs to have actually been homeschooled for at least a portion of her life. Dropping out of school with no further education does not count. There had to be some sort of education at home, either by parents, a governess or tutor, or by the student self-educating herself in some way.

Disclaimer: I have done the best I can to choose legitimately successfully homeschooled people, but I am relying on what others have written and my own perceptions here. Ultimately, it is still my opinion rather than fact. 

I hope that you will enjoy reading about the interesting lives of other homeschooled students.


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