Top 10 Reasons I Love Lapbooking


Crestview Heights Academy Top 10 Reasons I Love Lapbooking

10 Things to Love about Lapbooking

Lapbooks have become increasingly popular in the homeschool world. In case you have never heard of a lapbook, it is a hands-on learning tool made of two or more file folders attached and folded. Students create a variety of booklets, graphs, charts, and other items with information about a topic they are studying. Students then attach these items to the lapbook base. As lapbooks have increased in popularity a number of companies have begun creating lapbooking kits to give busy homeschool parents a jump start on creating their lapbooks.


Families use lapbooks in a variety of ways. I know some families that use one for nearly every topic they study and others, like us, who use them occasionally to add some fun to our homeschool routine.

While lapbooks may not be a good choice for every family, here are my top ten reasons that I love using them in our homeschool:

  1. Lapbooks provide hands-on, meaningful learning experiences that help my children remember what they have studied.
  2. Graphic organizers are a great way to help kids learn information  and lapbooks are, in essence, giant graphic organizers. Students can organize their lapbooks to be meaningful to them.
  3. My children enjoy looking at previously completed lapbooks, which helps them review and retain what they have learned.
  4. Lapbooks serve as references. My children often use their lapbooks to look up previously recorded information, such as animal classification or leaf identification, when they need to answer a question. They also use their lapbooks as references for writing projects.
  5. Because we use a literature-based curriculum, I spend a lot of our school day reading aloud. Making a lapbook gives my voice a rest.
  6. The same lapbook can be used with a variety of ages and ability levels. One child can carefully do his own writing while another draws pictures or dictates her sentences to an adult or older child.
  7. Lapbooks offer an opportunity to be creative. You can put your lapbook together in any way that you choose.
  8. We can cover some of those “arts-and-crafts” skills at the same time we learn about history, science, or geography.
  9. A lapbook allows us to show daddy-or grandma and grandpa-what we have been learning.
  10. Lapbooks are fun!

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