Ten Top History Resources

Ten Top History Resources

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History is one of our favorite things to study. While history can certainly be a boring parade of dates, with careful choices you can make it a fascinating trip into the past that will stay with your kids long after they leave your homeschool. By adding living books and hands-on activities, history can be the best part of the day. Here are ten of our favorite resources for studying history:

Genevieve Foster Historical Novels. These books give a fascinating snapshot of the world at the time of the main character’s life.

Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History. With delightful tidbits of information and interesting drawings, my children enjoyed delving into various history topics using this book. It is secular, so be sure to preview before handing it over if you only present a Biblical creation worldview.

Story of the World. The four sets of textbooks and activity books offer a chronological, hands-on approach to history.  The textbooks tell the story of history by focusing on the stories of important people. These books are secular.

In God We Trust. A look at Early American History through the people who lived it.

Dover Historical Coloring Books. Available on a huge variety of topics, these wonderful coloring books offer a great deal of information on their own, but also go along perfectly with any historical study. My children color the pages while I read aloud.

History Through the Ages Timeline Figures: Creation to Present on CD. Beautifully-drawn printable timeline figures that you can use to create lapbooks and notebooking pages as well as timelines.

History Revealed from Diana Waring. In three sets this biblically-based curriculum takes you from Creation to Modern Civilization, using delightful stories on CD told by the author, hands-on projects, and learning style-based activities to bring history to life for your student.

Notgrass History Books. World History and American History from a Christian worldview. Students can earn one credit in Bible, English, and History per year using these two history courses.

Kregel Guides. Full-color photographs of Biblical locations make these books a treat to look at as well as read.

Heroes of History. These biographies from YWAM show readers the lives of Christian heroes who lived throughout history. They are some of our family’s favorite read alouds.


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