A Warning for Parents Homeschooling Boys


Crestview Heights Academy A Warning for Parents Homeschooling Boys

Did I get your attention?

Just in case you have the kind of boy (or girl) that loves to study things like insects (as I do), I thought I would give you some fair warning.

You see, we have been studying insects in Science, using Apologia’s Zoology series.  It suggested that we bring in some dead insects to look at…and my science-loving boy jumped right on that.  His first acquisition, dredged from the aquatic depths of his pool?


http://www.public-domain-image.com (public domain image)

Well, not this exact one… But it looked somewhat like it.  And since it was dead and all, I let him keep it in a bowl in our kitchen to study.  And we went to bed…and woke up…and went to co-op…and came home…

Buddy went in to look at his science experiment…and came running out of the kitchen screaming: “MOM! It’s alive! Get it out!”

And, lo and behold, the wasp was squirming around in the bowl.  I managed to set the bowl out on our deck just before the undead insect was able to fly off.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t read the part of the lesson on the “Lazarus effect” yet.

This is what we learned yesterday: Insects that are completely drenched may not, in fact, be completely dead. Turns out they may be only MOSTLY dead. See, mostly dead is still slightly alive…


You’ve been fairly warned!


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