Classes and Curriculum Choices 2014-2015


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Boo: My beautiful girl is a freshman this year, so we are moving to a more traditional schooling model for her. She will spend a good share of her day in independent study, with me being more a coach than a traditional teacher.

Bible: Boo’s grandmother will be teaching her Bible class this year. I am so excited! My mom is a “Lois”-a steady woman in the faith who is passing on an inheritance to her children and grandchildren. Boo will learn a lot from her, and it takes one important class off my plate, too!

English: I am putting together our own literature curriculum for ninth grade, which will include learning about literary elements and genre, as well as reading some novels and plays. Boo will also do some vocabulary study and work through Books 2 and 3 in Applications of Grammar. She will also use Writer’s INC. to help her write a variety of essays for her literature studies.


Math: Boo needs to finish up Pre-Algebra and then she will start Algebra 1. She will continue to use Math-U-See, our favorite Math program.


Science: Biology is up this year. We will be using Apologia Biology 2nd Edition. Boo will study this at home with me, but we will be working with another homeschooling family to do labs together. We can share the expense as well as the dissection fun!


Social Studies: I put together a pretty comprehensive World Geography curriculum, which will include studying the countries, memorizing capitals, map skills, culture studies, and discussion of world religions. At the end of the year she will write a report on the country of her choice.


Foreign Language: Boo will be studying Spanish this year, using an online program called Duolingo. She will also have the chance to converse with a native language speaker at co-op.


Keyboarding: We will be using Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing to continue Boo’s Keyboarding skills.


Music Performance: Besides choir at co-op and piano lessons, Boo will spend some time learning about the sound board at church, singing in church, and using vocal performance cds.


Health and PE: Boo will have to spend 45 minutes four times a week in physical activity, and I have printed some articles on a variety of health topics that I will have her write a brief summary about.


Buddy: My busy, funny boy is a fifth grader this year, so we are beginning to transition into some independent work. I still get to spend lots of time with him, though, as he needs more than just “coaching” in some areas.

Bible: Buddy will be doing AWANA again this year, so we will use the memory work and Bible studies from his TNT book. I will also be reading aloud to him from books written by a number of ministers.


English: We will be continuing All About Reading and All About Spelling this year. He will also be learning some grammar using Simply Grammar, and we will do some creative writing and nonfiction writing as well.


Math: Buddy will continue using Math-U-See, but we will also be using the Life of Fred Elementary series to help fire up his creative, right-sided brain!



Science: We will be using Apologia’s Zoology series for Science.


Social Studies: Buddy will do a basic World Geography study this year, learning about each continent and studying two to five countries from each continent (except Australia and Antarctica) in more depth.


Art: Our art this year will be based on the countries we study.


Music: We will listen to music from around the world, including the national anthem of each country we study. Buddy will also continue to take piano lessons.


Health and PE: We will read library books on health topics and continue to keep as active as possible, including baseball, swimming, walking, basketball, and more.

Cooking Class: Buddy is very interested in cooking. While he spends time with me in the kitchen as I cook, I decided to be more direct in teaching him cooking skills this year. Once a week I will pick a skill or recipe to teach him, and we will work on it together.


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