A Peek Into My Homeschool: Eclecticism for Two


The way homeschooling works in our home has changed often over the years. When we began, my husband worked a crazy rotating shift, and I ran a home daycare, so one week rarely looked like the next.

These days, with a fourteen-year-old eighth grader and a ten-year-old fourth grader, our homeschooling schedule is more regular, though I wouldn’t exactly call it routine. My husband works all day Monday through Thursday, as well as some Fridays. Because Daddy is sometimes home on Fridays, I try to get the bulk of our work done by Thursday. Some weeks we don’t work at all on Friday and make it up over the weekend or the next week.

My homeschooling style is very eclectic, with a strong Charlotte Mason influence.

Our base curriculum is My Father’s World. Until this year we did all of our My Father’s World subjects (social studies, science, art, Bible, music, and read-aloud) as a family. This year my daughter has started doing those subjects on her own, while I work with her brother.

For language arts, my daughter uses Jump In for writing, Applications of Grammar, and is finishing up Intermediate Language Lessons. She also has a list of classic books and YWAM biographies that she reads. My son is finishing up Primary Language Lessons this year, uses WriteShop Primary for writing, and Simply Grammar. I also use All About Reading and All About Spellingwith him. We occasionally add Artistic Pursuits, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, and a variety of poetry books as well. For math we use Math-U-See, with Life of Fred and Professor B. Math for fun and extra practice.

Our days usually begin with Bible together, though I sometimes work with my early bird son and let my daughter sleep in.

After Bible, my daughter goes off to her own room to work independently, while my son and I work on language, math, and My Father’s World. Late morning or after lunch, I check my daughter’s work and help her with math.

Afternoons are pretty laid-back. My children finish up any work that needs to be done, do their chores, go outside, read, watch TV, play Wii, or have friends over. My son enjoys coloring or doing crafts. They also spend some time practicing piano.

We are blessed to belong to a wonderful homeschool co-op.

We meet Thursday afternoons for twenty-four weeks during the school year for a variety of enrichment classes. This gives my children time to spend with their friends, while also allowing them a chance to learn from other parents. I enjoy getting to visit with other homeschooling moms.

Because PE and music are not my specialties, we seek out other ways for my children to learn these skills. They occasionally have Tae Kwon Do, gymnastics, and swimming lessons. They both play competitive baseball/softball, which takes up a great deal of our spring and early summer. They also participate in our homeschool choir, take piano lessons, and have been involved in various children’s drama events.

Homeschooling and activities keep us very busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Originally published at hedua.com.


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