7 Bad Reasons to Homeschool


While I am very much a homeschooling advocate, and I think that many more people should consider it than do—though homeschool is growing at a rapid rate—I also do not believe that it is for everyone. And, if certain reasons are your primary motivation for homeschooling, it is probably not for you. So, here you go, my top seven bad reasons for homeschooling:

7. Because it’s too much work to (get your kids up in the morning, make them do their homework, be on time, etc.) If any of your reasons begin with “because it is too much work” they are probably not a good reason to homeschool. Homeschooling IS work. If you are going to do it effectively, it will likely take just about every spare moment you have. It will not save you work. Now, if you are just intending to keep your kids home and not teach them, that MIGHT save you work—but you wouldn’t really be homeschooling, either.

6. Because your friend Alice does it. Did your mother ever ask you, “If Charles jumped off a bridge would you do it, too?” The same principle applies here. If God is calling you AND Alice to homeschool, that’s great. But don’t just do it because Alice is. Alice may have a completely different calling on her life. On the flip side, many a person has been inspired to consider homeschooling by seeing her friend doing it—and that’s okay! Just be sure to count the cost before you jump in headlong.

5. Because you want to keep your kids away from other kids. Kids still need friendships with other kids their age—as well as a variety of ages. One of the great things about homeschooling is that you are more aware of who your child is spending time with and can help them choose good friends. But not NO friends.

4. Because you want your children to be smarter than everyone else’s. Homeschooling can provide an outstanding, tailor-made education for your child. But it does NOT guarantee that your child will be a genius.

3. Because homeschooled kids are perfect and always obey and get along with their siblings and mind their manners and say “yes, Ma’am and no, Sir.” Excuse me while I wipe my drink off the computer screen. Smile Homeschooling parents deal with discipline problems just like any parent, and spending so much time with our kids—and our kids with their siblings—obedience problems can actually be compounded. Homeschooling does, however, give you more time to work on these issues. And carefully choosing companions can help, as well.

2. Because your child is your whole world and you can’t stand to be away from him. No child should be put in this position. If this is true, you are going to have a hard time on the day your last child leaves the nest. Homeschooling is not the answer to any of your own personal problems.

1. Because you are afraid. Homeschooling needs to be done in faith. We can’t possibly completely protect our child from everything. If you feel God is calling you to homeschool to have a positive influence on your child, that is one thing. But if you are AFRAID of what might happen if your child goes to school, you are homeschooling for the wrong reason.


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