A Teenager’s Perspective on Homeschooling: Boo


I thought it would be fun to interview my 14-year-old daughter today and get her perspective on homeschooling. While I was pretty sure what many of her answers would be, a few surprised me. Here you have a homeschooled teenager’s thoughts about homeschooling.


1. Do you like being homeschooled? Why?

Yes, I do. I can work at my own pace without worrying about what others are doing.


2. Is there anything you think you miss out on by not attending school outside your home?

No, I don’t think so.


3. What do you like the most about homeschooling? The least?

I like getting to stay at home the most, and I like being with my brother all day the least.


4. What are your favorite and least favorite subjects?

My favorite subject is history. I like math the least.



5. What activities do you do? Which is your favorite?

I play softball and piano, and I was an AWANA LIT. My favorite is softball.


6. What do you want to do when you graduate?

I think I might like to be a doctor or a nurse.


7. What was one of your favorite homeschooling experiences?

When we dissected a pig’s heart and a fetal pig in Anatomy.


8. What is your favorite part of the homeschool day?

After lunch when we are almost done and are doing history. I also like spelling.


9. How do you make friends while homeschooling?

I make friends when I participate in activities, go to church and AWANA, play sports, or at Co-op.


10. Why do you think your parents chose to homeschool you?

Because that’s what God told them to do.


And there you have it: what Boo had to say about homeschooling. Smile


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