Celebrating Independence Day



We are gearing up to celebrate Independence Day around here.  We are smack dab in the middle of softball and baseball season, so it will need to be an early night for us. Buddy plays at state at 10:00 AM an hour and a half away on the 5th. But what could be more American than baseball anyway, right?


We have lots of traditions in our family, but Independence Day tends to change a bit each year. This year we are attending a BBQ with some of our church family. They have a parade in town, but I haven’t heard that either of our kids need to participate. It’s nice and cool this year, so we may go watch it. And we may make some of these again, too. Yum!


Some years we are still schooling the week of Independence Day. This year we are so busy with ball that I switched things around. But when we do school, it has been a great opportunity to talk about American history and the freedoms we enjoy. It’s also a great time to make some red, white, and blue crafts!

If you need some Independence Day inspiration, check out my Pinterest board for some fun ideas! Have a great 4th!




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