Co-op and Field Trips


In 2007, we moved to our current city from the small town I was raised in.  Boo was seven and Buddy turned four a few days after our move.  Our current city has a growing number of homeschooling families, and living here has given us opportunities to join in with the local homeschooling group for activities such as group field trips, homeschool choir, first aid classes, sports activities, and now co-op.  This is our first year attending co-op and we all enjoy it so much I wonder why we waited.  (Well, I know why we waited.  Until this year I was babysitting for my nephews and didn’t want to take along someone else’s baby…)  Smile  I had to practically drag the kids there the first day, but now they can’t wait for Thursday to come around.  It has been really good for me, too, to have some time with like-minded ladies-for fellowship and to bounce around ideas.  I have been teaching two separate classes on government and the elections.  It was so much fun to teach the kids about our government from a Christian perspective.  And they were very interested in elections and politics.  I had several say that GOVERNMENT was their favorite class at the co-op!  On Thursday we had our own elections.  The advanced group voted for their favorite soda after having a primary election, a debate, and creating their own ads and posters.  The younger group just had a simple election between two types of candy.

Yesterday many of us went as a group on a field trip to a fossil bed a couple of hours away.  It was a fantastic trip.  The guide at the fossil bed did a wonderful job explaining things to the kids.  It was yet another opportunity to discuss “60,000,000 years ago” with our children.  We don’t shy away from museums or historical locations because of the evolutionary content.  It makes for great teachable moments with our children.  I consider it to be “inoculating” them.  If they get a little of it with mom or dad nearby to explain the truth, when they hear it alone later one they will remember what we have discussed with them.  My kids point out the signs and talk about how silly it is.  Smile

After the fossil beds and a rather chilly picnic we went to a fish hatchery, too.  The kids had a blast feeding the fish and watching them come in droves to the surface for the meal.

I believe wholeheartedly that homeschooling is right for our family.  I also know that my children are way more social than I was (even though I was public schooled) and they have been spared some of the sad situations that kids encounter.  However, I was noticing that, while they had MANY friends, then were missing out on being able to have close friendships.  They had their AWANA friends, their Tae Kwon Do friends, their Sunday School friends, their ball friends…and there was very little overlap.  The co-op has given them a group that they see regularly and they are starting to really develop some close friendships.  If you are considering joining in with a homeschooling group for activities or for a local co-op, I encourage you to at least try it out.

Here are some photos of our trip yesterday:





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