Fabulous Field Trips: Blog Hop and Giveaway!!!


This is the last of four weekly blog hops that I have been doing with the Home Educating Family Review Team. This week, thanks to Home Educating Family, I get to give away a My Well Planned Day paper planner. You can find out the details at the end of this post!

Of the four topics we were given for the blog hop, this is my favorite. Today I get to tell you about field trips that we have taken. Homeschooling has afforded us the opportunity to take our kids on trips when most other children are in school. Homeschooling is such a natural part of our life that no matter what we are doing, we use it as a learning experience. However, some of the trips we have taken have been intended to be purely educational. For example, we have visited museums and historical sites. Then there are the trips with our homeschool group, where we are able to combine a learning experience with a delightful time of fellowship. Other times we take a trip and school as we go.

Beginning homeschoolers sometimes have difficultly letting go of the mindset that if it isn’t done sitting still at a desk or table..or at the very least, at home..it isn’t really school. When you can shift from that into seeing that your whole life can be school, homeschooling becomes a lot more fun. The learning our family does on field trips becomes some of the longest-lasting education we do. And there are just SO MANY choices! We have visited museums, forts, the capitol building, the ocean, the lake, the police station, the fire station, plays, and an apple orchard, just to name a few. Here are some photos from some of our most memorable field trip days:








I also wanted to encourage you by saying that the vast majority of our field trips are done less than an hour away from our home; many, in fact, right in our own town. If traveling for a field trip just isn’t in the budget right now, with a little creativity you can come up with all kinds of places to visit right near home. A farm, a factory, the dentist office, the newspaper office, a store, the city offices…there are just so many possibilities! Smile Call up a friend or two, pack a lunch, and take a tour of a local business followed by food and fellowship in the park. You will all feel recharged and ready to attack more math problems and reading books when you get home!

Last weeks winner was Laura Lynn Rice who was the fourteenth comment on my blog post.  Congratulations! Once I get in contact with you, Home Educating Family will be sending you your On-the-Go Planner!


This week, thanks to Home Educating Family, I am able to give away My Well Planned Day paper planner to one of my readers!


You have until midnight next Thursday (October 11th) to enter.  I will be using random.org to choose a winner, which I will announce next Friday (October 12th).  If you enter, please be sure to check back on Friday to see if you are the winner.  I will need to forward the winner’s name and email to Home Educating Family so that they can send you the prize!

Here’s how to enter:

You may have up to three entries per person.  Any extra entries will be deleted before I determine the winner.

1. You may have one entry just for leaving any comment on this post.  I’d love to know more about you, but even just a “nice post” will do!  Smile

2. You may have one entry for “liking” Crestview Heights Academy on Facebook.  Please leave a separate comment noting that you have done so.  If you already like CHA, just let me know that in the comment.

3. You may have one entry for tweeting about the contest or posting about it on Facebook.  If you don’t have Twitter or Facebook, you can email about the contest or just tell a friend.  Leave a separate comment for completing this activity as well.

Due to international sweepstakes laws, this giveaway is for US entrants only. This giveaway is not tied to any social media site. All prizes must be claimed within eight weeks. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the blog hop. I hope that you enjoyed it. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Please go check out the rest of my team’s blogs and read about some more fabulous field trips.



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  2. I think field trips aren’t just for kids. Homeschool moms enjoy them too. I have 3 kids that I homeschool. We will be going camping soon. I plan to use our traveling as part of a field trip to keep the kids entertain. Hope I win the planner.

  3. I’d love to one day tour the world for our field trips! One day that will happen, but for now I’m okay with more local places and virtual tours. Kids love learning and that’s what I want to nurture!!!

  4. What a great giveaway! I haven’t come to your blog before, but I would love to come back and read through your story. Thanks for sharing!

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