Our Curriculum: My Father’s World Reviews


Over the past few weeks I have had several reviews published at Home Educating Family Magazine Reviews, including several about the main curriculum we use.  If you are interested in learning more about My Father’s World, check them out:

My Father’s World Multi-Age Curriculum Overview:

Do you love the idea of unit studies using living books, combined lessons for your children, and hands-on activities, but don’t have the time to write them? Marie Hazell from My Father’s World has created a series of multi-age units that combine elements of Charlotte Mason, classical, and unit study homeschool methods with a biblical worldview. We have used four of the My Father’s World units, and continue to enjoy them each year.

The multi-age curriculum from My Father’s World is intended for children in fourth through eighth grades, with second and third graders joining in if they have older siblings already using the curriculum….Click to read the rest of the review.


George Washington, Paul Revere, Abraham Lincoln, Sacajawea, Harriet Tubman. If you love American history, Adventures in My Father’s World will be an enjoyable year for you. This curriculum unit includes Bible, science, American history and geography, and art and music for second and third graders who are the oldest or only child in your home. Math, language arts, and foreign language recommendations are given and can be purchased at the My Father’s World website, but are not included in the unit.

In Bible, students learn about Jesus by studying His various names in the Bible, such as Light of the World, Immanuel, and Lamb of God. Memory verses that correspond with each name are learned. American history is taught using a variety of “living books” purchased with the program….Click to read the rest of the review.


Learning about other countries, languages, and people has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. When I discovered that the first unit in the My Father’s World Multi-Age Curriculum was Exploring Countries and Cultures,I was immediately intrigued. I wasn’t disappointed. We have nearly completed our fourth unit (including Adventures in My Father’s World) from My Father’s World and Exploring Countries and Cultures is my favorite so far. My Father’s World teaches history in chronological order, with American, world, Bible, and Christian history taught at the same time, beginning in the second unit.Exploring Countries and Cultures gives students a trip around the world first, so that they will have a basic understanding of world geography when they begin learning about where historical events took place.

Exploring Countries and Cultures begins its world tour in the United States and continues through a representative sample of countries in all seven continents….Click to read the rest of the review.


Creation to the Greeks is the second in a series of five units by Marie Hazell that make up the My Father’s World Multi-Age cycle. After a year of Exploring Countries and Cultures to learn basic world geography, students in Creation to the Greeks begin four years of world, American, biblical, and Christian history that is studied in order and at the same time as the events occurred around the world. Creation to Greeks is designed to be used with all children in a family that are in grades 2 to 8…Click to read the rest of the review.


Marie Hazell has combined classical, Charlotte Mason, and unit study homeschooling approaches with a biblical worldview in the curriculum units she has written, based on curriculum she developed to use with her own children.Rome to Reformation is the third of five year-long curriculum units Mrs. Hazell has developed for grades 2-8. The teacher’s manual for each unit contains Bible, history, science, health, music appreciation, art, and read-alouds for one year. Math, language arts, and foreign language are not included in the unit. Parents may choose their own programs for those subjects or use the recommendations made by My Father’s World. The Rome to Reformation unit covers the historical period from Ancient Rome to the Reformation; Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven in music; and the human body and astronomy in science. Biblical and Christian history are studied in order right along with world history, which makes both the Bible and history easier to understand….Click to read the rest of the review.


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  1. HI! I’m visiting from Circle of Moms =-) I think my favorite thing about the contest has been finding other homeschool families and getting to get a peak at their journey!!! I blog at Living Life Intentionally (currently #27 on the list) and would really like to get into the top 25!!! I would appreciate it so much if you would give me a vote!! Thanks for considering and Happy Homeschooling =-)

    This was very interesting. I wasn’t wowed by their K program, but I know it was suppose to be basic. So glad to read your thoughts!


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