PVC Pipe Blocks


Today is Buddy’s birthday.  We are celebrating in traditional family style, by spending the day together, having some gifts, and going out to Buddy’s choice for supper.

He got some fun things that he asked for, but I came up with one on my own.  He loves legos.  Awhile ago I made a form to put backgrounds on for taking photos.  I used pvc pipe to make it.  Buddy loves to play with it, making different things.  So I decided to make him some pvc pieces that he could build with.  I bought ten 3/4 inch pvc pipes that my dad sawed into two 2 foot and two 3 foot lengths each.  Then I purchased some fittings, like t pieces, cross pieces, and elbows.  I sprayed them with plastic spray paint.  This was a mistake.  They looked good at first, but the paint is scratching off really quickly.  But he’s having fun with them anyway!



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