Breaking Yearly Goals Into Smaller Goals


This is another post in a series on planning for your homeschool.  If you missed any of the other posts, you can find them by clicking on the “planning” tab on the menu bar.

This is one of my favorite times of year.  It’s beginning to get warmer, the kids can play outside, the trees are budding-and the brown UPS truck starts making regular visits to our home! Boxes of books are gleefully opened (by the kids, course! Smile)  So what next?

The first thing I do whenever I get a school box is to check the contents against the packing slip and then mark each item off on my curriculum tracking form.  When all of the items have arrived I sort it by child and subject.  Then I use the curriculum as well as our homeschooling vision and goals to set me yearly, semester, and monthly goals for the school year.

The following form is a place to record all of the goals for the year for each subject and child:


Download Blank File 

Next, I take the yearly goals and move them onto my semester goal sheet.  I divide the goals into either semester one or two.  Sometimes this means that I divide the goal into two pieces and we do part in each semester.  Some goals will only be covered in one semester or the other.


Download Blank File

Finally, I take the semester goals and record them on my monthly form.  Then I divide the semester goal into manageable monthly goals.  Once again, some goals will be divided evenly among the months and some goals will only be covered in certain months.


Download Blank File

After I have created the goals and divided them by month, I work on dividing the resources by the week.  For some resources we do one chapter a week.  For others I need to divide chapters or pages by how many we need to cover per week in order to complete the resource.  For other subjects I just write down the them for the week.  You can see how I do  this in the example below as well as download the form to use yourself.


Download Blank File

Next time I am going to talk about Homeschool Tracker and how I use it in our homeschool for planning and recording.


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  1. Whoa. I am in complete awe in regards to your organization. Will you be my Jedi? 😉

    I thrive in organized chaos I suppose. I used to constantly try to find a greater level of organization, but it never worked. I finally decided that things were going along well enough, so I should just leave…well…leave well enough alone. Lol. Fortunately, our online curriculum does my planning and record keeping for me. I just need to plan the fun extras; experiments, projects, field trips, etc. That “fun extras” schedule is a series of post-it notes on my computer. 😀

    Having said all that…my oldest is starting 8th grade next year, and that’s the last grade level that his current curriculum goes to. So, we are hoping to be able to spend this whole upcoming school year searching for and implementing a new curriculum (or a combination of a few programs). I am definitely bookmarking your blog for future training. 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Homeschooling mom, fortunate enough to have found a seventh grade online curriculum for her computer addicted 12 year old! 🙂

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