Ordering Curriculum


This post continues my series on planning for homeschooling.  You can find the other posts by clicking on “planning” in the menu bar.  Today I am going to discuss my method for finding the best price on curriculum and keeping track of the orders, including ordering from half.com, ebay.com, or amazon.com.

We, like most homeschooling families I know, try to get the most mileage possible out of our homeschooling budget.  I order the majority of our curriculum in late February and early March.  This gives me several months to write lesson plans, make copies and gather materials.  I’ll be discussing this more in future posts.

If you have a homeschooling curriculum fair in your area that you attend, you may want to purchase your curriculum at the fair.  There is something special about being able to touch the materials.  If you have completed the activities in my previous posts, you should have a pretty good idea of what materials you need to order for the year.  You can use the recording form below to record everything that you are looking for and what the cost is to order them.  Then take the form along to your curriculum fair.  I use the following form to record all of the choices that I have made for the year:



I write the stores that I am looking at either online or in catalogs in the shaded areas across the top.  I write the materials that I am looking for on the left.  The shaded column to the right is where I record the lowest price. 

The next form is for any half.com stores that I am going to purchase from.  It saves postage to order from the same store, so I record the prices on this form and then purchase as many as possible from the same stores.  In my example below you can see that I will probably purchase these items from Motor City or HB-NC.



Finally, I record all of the purchases I am making onto this form.  If it is a regular store, such as Rainbow Resource or CDB, I just record the store.  If I am using half.com or eBay.com, I will also record the name of the seller.  I keep track of when something has shipped and if I received it. 



Below is a list of some of my favorite places to order from (I am not an affiliate of any of these sites-I just like them!)

Next time I’m going to talk about what I do after I receive my curriculum.  Happy Planning!


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