Color Class, a Freebie, and a Discount


Today was project day at our house.  I don’t know if this happens to you, but we are usually pretty much on schedule in “Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmatic” at our house.  I make sure we do those things.  But, sometimes, in trying to be sure we stay on track there we put off things like Art, or Science Experiments.  When that happens, I combine several lessons on one day and we have a “project day”.  It’s nice to only drag out all the paints and clean up a big mess ONCE, though we are usually tired by the end of it!  Smile

Today we did Art and caught up on our literature book.  We are studying color in “How to Teach Art to Children” right now.  Though actually written for a classroom teacher or school art teacher, it is very easily used at home and has some AWESOME activities.  Here are my kids doing some of them today:


I also made up some of my own activities to use with them, and down at the bottom I have a free print-out of them for you, as well as a special discount code for a related product I have available at Currclick. 

First, I made some homemade play dough, divided it into three pieces, and colored one piece red, one yellow, and one blue with food coloring.  I just used regular food coloring and didn’t like how pink my red was, so I added a little red tempera paint to it to get a brighter red color.

Next, I gave the kids two pieces of each color and had them mix them to make purple, green, and orange.  We talked again about primary and secondary colors. 

Then I had them divide their secondary colors (green, purple, orange) into three pieces and gave them two more pieces each of red, yellow, and blue.  I had them mix the colors to make all of the tertiary colors (red-violet, blue-violet, yellow-orange, red-orange, blue-green, and yellow-green.


Finally, we used the worksheets that I had made.  I had them put their play dough onto the correct circle and then we matched up the name card for each color with the correct color.  In the freebie I have also included cards to sort the colors by primary, secondary, and tertiary, a matching sheet that is already colored in, and an extra blank worksheet that can be used to color with colored pencils. 


You can download the Color Class freebie here.  If you are interested in my Elements of Design Notebooking Pages you can get a special discount on them here at Currclick



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