Home Educating Family Official Launch!!!


This has been an exciting couple of weeks for me!  If you have a subscription to Home Educating Family Magazine you can see one of my reviews in print.  Smile  And, most exciting of all, this week is the launch for some of the GREAT things that are happening on the Home Educating Family review team site!  On several of the reviews there are contests for giveaways and coupon codes for the item and/or company being reviewed!  A review that I did for Chocolate Fix, a great game from Think Fun, has a giveaway and coupon code this week.  Here is a link to the site.

Jenny Herman, the assistant editor for the review team, had a write-up about the launch on Ken Ham’s site.  Review team members were given permission to post it to our own blogs after it had posted on his:

“Home Educating Family is proud to announce the launch of its updated blog! Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of water before you click over. You’ll want to spend some time browsing articles from past issues of Home Educating Family Magazine and peek at new features. Our blog is also another place for you to chat with others in the homeschool community. We invite you to leave comments with your own opinions–tips, tricks, questions, insight, etc. The more that people interact, the more we can learn from each other’s experiences!

On Thursdays you’ll find a new feature called Beyond the Planner where we discuss real life: the good, the bad, and the funny. Saturdays you can stop by for special needs articles and Saturday Select, a short list of interesting reading around the internet. Make sure you visit on Wednesdays to find out what the new Weekly Giveaway is! Of course you’ll find great guests and information on other days, too.

So, do you have your beverage of choice in hand? Get comfy and visit us now at HomeschoolConvention.com/blog. Be sure you let us know you were there!”

See you there!


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