Apple Orchard Field Trip


Our area homeschool group took a trip out to an apple orchard today.  It was gorgeous weather.  We got to see how the apples are sorted and washed, how they are made into apple juice, and how they are planted and cared for.  We even got to pick several different kinds of apples.  They didn’t have any of my favorite, Honeycrisp, because they just planted those trees a couple of years ago.  But they had TWENTY-THREE different varieties.

Now that my nephews are getting older and I no longer have an infant, I’ve been making an effort to go to more of the group events.  I know it is important for the kids..and for spend time with like-minded families.  So we have a few outings planned yet this fall.  Next week is the Pumpkin Patch..I can’t wait!  Smile



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