2011-2012 Weeks 5 and 6


It’s hard to believe another two weeks have gone by!  Here’s what we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks:

LANGUAGE: Boo has worked on novem, decem, centum, and aqua in vocabulary.  She finished up The Magician’s Nephew in reading and Stormy in Independent reading and started The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Sea Star.  She also made a lapbook to go along with Magician’s Nephew.  She did chapters 5 and 6 in Christian Reader.  She is studying nouns and verbs in Simply Grammar.  She has worked some more in Spencerian Handwriting and copied several of the U.S. Presidents’ names and terms for copywork.  Buddy is working through the second grade book in Handwriting without Tears.  He really wants to start cursive, so we may start that later in the year if he finishes this book up.  He is also going through Language Lessons.  He has been reading from the Bob Books series and is doing SO WELL. 



MATH: Both of the kids are working through their Math-U-See books.

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LIFESKILLS: Both kids have done some more work on library skills.  Boo is working on outlining and paraphrasing as well as more work on the Dewey Decimal System.  We have discussed the third and fourth Ways in Our 24 Family Ways.  We are still working on obedience in our Character Study.  Buddy did lessons three and four in Pearables.





BIBLE: We reviewed the New Testament books of the Bible.  We also started working on three Romans memory verses.  We studied the Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled by Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection.  The kids have been working hard on their AWANA books.  Boo nearly has the first section completed and Buddy is about halfway through his first section.


HISTORY and GEOGRAPHY: We colored a banyan tree and the Indian flag and studied the Taj Mahal in India Studies.  We were supposed to build a paper model of the Taj, but we didn’t get that done last week.  Hopefully we will complete it this week.  We studied more about Caesar Augustus in Augustus Caesar’s World.  We read several chapters in The Bronze Bow.  We also studied about Virgil and the Aenid in Streams of Civilization and more about life in Ancient Rome in Roman Empire.  In Map Skills we studied the globes, including longitude and latitude.







SCIENCE: We studied the tongue and our five senses in Science.  In Health we studied our digestive system.  We are still studying trees in Nature Study.  We went to my parents’ house and picked up a bunch of walnuts from their walnut tree to use for an experiment this week.  The kids had fun looking inside the ones the squirrels had eaten parts of to see what the nuts looked like inside.







ARTS: We finished up studying about line in Art.  We also read about Leonardo DaVinci in Lives of the Writers.  We did some work on music theory and studied Haydn in Music.  We also learned about the cello and colored a picture of one.  We learned about The Old Rugged Cross in Hymn Study.  We read some poems by Lewis Carroll and listened to several more chapters in Little Women.



P.E.: Buddy started up flag football.  He’s on the Jets.  The kids are back full swing into Tae Kwon Do.  We also had a homeschool track meet on Friday.  The kids ran a quarter mile, a half, mile, a 50 yard sprint, and did three field activities a piece.  Boo took home ribbons in the softball throw and the sprint.  Buddy was close in several events.  It was such a good time.

OTHER: We studied the months and days in Spanish.  The kids are doing great remembering the state capitals.  We are still working on the U.S. Presidents and just began reviewing the 10 commandments which we studied last year. 




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