2011-2012 Weeks 3 and 4


Somehow another two weeks have flown by.  The kids have been working hard.  We also started up all of our evening activities.  So, what have we been up to?  Here we go….



For Rome to Reformation Bible this past two weeks we have been doing a quick overview of the whole New Testament.  Later on we will read more in detail, but for now we have been studying a couple of verses from each chapter.  We also did some more reading in How the Bible Came to Us.

We have also been doing more character study in Character Building for Families 1.  We are still studying obedience.  The kids can recite it back to me.  Whenever they are choosing not to obey I will ask them what obedience is.  “Doing what an authority figure tells you to do willingly, promptly, and cheerfully.” 

We have also done some of How to Study the Bible for Kids.

I’m also happy that AWANA has started up again, which means that we are working on memory work for AWANA club.  We LOVE AWANA.  My kids have learned so much scripture by doing the work and then going to the club.  Unfortunately, this is Boo’s last year.  Buddy is in his last year of Sparks.





Boo has been studying more Latin vocabulary in English from the Roots Up.  She has been studying quinque, sex, septum, and octo.  She has been working hard on spelling from Spelling Power.  We are slowly working through Writing with Ease and Simply Grammar.  She is almost done reading Stormy in Independent Reading time and she has been reading The Magician’s Nephew aloud to me.  We should be done with that this week.  She has also copied the Pledge of Allegiance and the Preamble to the Constitution in copywork, as well as the first few presidents of the U.S.  She also completed two more chapters in Christian Reader 6.

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Buddy has been working on Handwriting Without Tears Printing Power and Language Lessons for Little Ones 3.  We have also been working hard on phonics skills and reading the Bob Books readers.


Boo is studying fractions and Buddy is doing pre-subtraction activities.



We studied Mark Antony and Octavian, as well as Cleopatra and Judas Maccabeus.  We have been reading Augustus Caesar’s World and just started The Bronze Bow

India Studies

We have been reading about India geography and adding information to our India lapbooks.



We are studying the human body.  This week we talked about our nervous system.






We have been studying line in art.  We did several projects from How to Teach Art to Children that feature lines.

We finished studying Amazing Grace in Hymn study.


We did picture study on Leonardo Da Vinci and colored the Mono Lisa.

We read more about William Shakespeare’s life.


Buddy finished up Library Skills.  Boo still has a bit more to work on.

Boo did some cooking and cleaning with me.

Buddy went with his dad to my parents’ house and helped with concrete work.


Memory Work

We are reviewing the New Testament books and the states and capitals.  The kids know most of them.  We are getting ready to start learning the Presidents of the U.S. in order.


We are listening to Little Women on Librivox and are not quite halfway done.


We reviewed numbers in Spanish.

Boo had piano practice.

The kids started back up at Tae Kwon Do.

Buddy started flag football this afternoon.

Whew, I’m exhausted just looking at all of that.  How has your year been going???


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