Best Laid Plans…..


We started school out strong but the past week or so has just been “one of those weeks”.  Everyone but my husband had a virus and then, just when everyone seemed well again, we had a second round.  Much of our curriculum depends on me being able to read aloud and my throat was so sore!   If you’ve read my blog for a bit you probably have read through my schedule and know how my day is supposed to go.  But what do I do when it doesn’t work out that way?  If everyone is sick.  Or those days when behavior is an issue and it just isn’t getting any better no matter what you do?  When I plan out my year I try to leave pockets of time that I mark “catch up”.  That way, if we are behind in a class, it gives us some breathing room.  Here are some of the things I do when I have a day that just doesn’t go as planned:

1. Sometimes I just push on through anyway.  Depending on what the problem is, keeping on keeping on does sometimes get us through.

2. I turn on some music and have the kids sing with me.  Then we continue on with our day.

3. I let the kids have a little free time and I take a break to pray and get myself in order and then we try again.

4. We change location.  Sometimes we work outside or at the park.

5. We chuck the lesson plan and do something else.  We may do an art project, cooking activities, or watch an educational show.

6. In the case of illness we usually take a “down day” and spend some time reading silently or watching tv.  I try to keep tv to a reasonable level, but once in awhile….

So, what do YOU do when you have “one of those days” or “one of those weeks”?


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