Books of the Bible Notebooking Pages and Noun Matching Cards


Hello!  I have two new products I want to introduce to you today.

The first is a set of Books of the Bible Notebooking Pages.  There is a page for each book of the Bible.  Each page has room to record the writer(s) of the book, where the title of the book came from, the important people and events found in the book, and a timeline. 

Bible Notebooking Pages-1

Bible Notebooking Pages-3

You can find Books of the Bible Notebooking pages at Currclick here.

My newest product, just off the presses…except it’s an eBook Smile is Noun Matching Cards.  After you have printed them on cardstock and cut them apart students can sort the cards while learning about nouns.  It includes two sets of cards.  The first set sorts by person, place, or thing and includes both word and picture cards.  The second set of cards sorts by common and proper.  The cards work great as a workbox activity because they include control cards which make them self-checking.  You can also add them to a lapbook or use them for a file folder game.

Noun Matching-1

Noun Matching-15

Noun Matching Cards is also available at Currclick.  You can find them here.


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