2011-2012 Weeks 1-2


We’ve done two weeks of school now and things are starting to fall into more of a routine.   Here is some of what we have done:


We have been working on being consistent with quiet times.  I am happy to say that we have been doing really well with them. 

We have learned the first family way:


We have learned a lot about how the Bible was written and organized from the book How the Bible Came to Us which is part of My Father’s World: Rome to Reformation.

We also started learning how to do Bible study using How to Study Your Bible for Children.

And we talked about what obedience is and read many verses about it.


Buddy has been working on continuing to learn phonics. He is also working on Handwriting without Tears and Language Arts for Little Ones. 

Boo and I have been trying to learn Spencerian Handwriting:


She has done unus, duo, tres, and quattuor from English from the Roots Up:


She has read the first two chapters from Christian Readers:


She has also done the first couple of weeks from Writing with Ease and four lessons in Simply Grammar.

She is reading Stormy for independent reading.

We did an assessment and then started Spelling Power.

For reading this year I am having her read aloud from The Chronicles of Narnia.  We read some biographical information on C.S. Lewis and made a timeline of his life.  Then she started The Magician’s Nephew.




Both of the kids are working on their Math-U-See books.

Memory Work:

We have been working on memorizing the capitals of the states and the state’s postal abbreviations:



We have been listening to Little Women from Librivox.  If you haven’t checked out Librivox, it is a great site.  Volunteers read aloud public domain books.  I do so much reading during the day that it is really nice to have someone else read…and it is a lot cheaper than purchasing all of the recorded books.

History and Map Skills:

We have been studying Ancient Rome.  This included the legend of the founding of Rome, early Rome, the Punic Wars, Julius Caesar, Cicero, and Roman homes and cities.  We read from the book Augustus Caesar’s World.  These are all part of My Father’s World: Rome to Reformation.


We also studied Roman numerals:


We learned about the history of maps in Map Skills.

Music, Poetry, and Picture Study:

We worked on Music Theory, studied the hymn “Jesus Loves Me”, learned about and listened to music by Haydn, did a picture study of Leonardo da Vinci, and learned about and read poetry from Lewis Carroll.


In art we are studying lines:




We are studying colors:


Science and Health:

In Science we are studying the human body.  We are using The Usborne First Encyclopedia of the Human Body and Human Body for Every Kid.  These are part of My Father’s World: Rome to Reformation.

India Study:

We are doing a year-long history on India this year.  We have been reading some Indian folktales and getting a general overview of India.

Nature Study:

We are studying trees in nature study.  We are using the First Book of Nature over the past two weeks.

Life Skills:

We have been studying Library Skills.  Buddy has been studying basic library procedures and how to handle library books.  Boo has been studying reference books and parts of books as well as the Dewey decimal system.

Music Practice:

Boo has been practicing piano.


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