Day Two, Planners, and Free Pages


Hi, everyone!

Today was the second day of school for us and it went better than yesterday even if the newness is already wearing off a bit!  I created something for my kids this year that I am already seeing the fruit of and I am very excited about.  I made them their own lesson planner.  I actually had Boo in mind for this, but since Buddy wants whatever Boo has, I made him one, too. 

Here is what they look like:


And a quick view of the inside:


When I do my planning in the spring and summer I find that it works best for me to plan out my whole year.  I know that not everyone likes this type of planning, but I find that if I don’t do this I get so busy in the middle of the year that we lose focus and don’t get to the point I want us to.  I start planning the next year in about January and purchase most of my supplies in February.  Then I enter all of my information into my online planner.  Finally I make all of my copies and many of my handmade worksheets.  I label file folders with each week and the dates and file all of my copies in the correct folder.  It is a LOT of work, but it is so nice to just be able to pull out a folder and be ready to go.

I use Homeschool Tracker to plan and it has several options for printing out assignments.  For the kids I used the assignment report and printed off all of their assignments for the year.  I have been collecting free forms online for years and I used several of those for the planners.  Whatever I didn’t have I made myself.  They have places to record things like chores, practice sessions, and reading records.  I divided it into three sections and used cardstock as place markers.  Then I took them to Office Max and had them coil bound and added file folder tabs to the cardstock. 

They are working GREAT!  It has really helped Boo to be able to work on her own.  She knows what she needs to work on and she likes to get done as fast as possible.  She doesn’t have to wait for me to finish up with Buddy so that I can find her something else to do.  It also helps with the “how much do we have to do before we are done” questions.

I created or modified a few forms for the planners so I am offering them to you if you would like them.  Click here to download them.  Enjoy!

(I am not affiliated with Homeschool Tracker and have only included the link for your convenience.)


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