First Day 2011


Phew, I am TIRED!  As you may have noticed I haven’t posted the past few days.  I have been madly trying to finish up because TODAY was the first day of school!  No matter how early I start planning and getting ready it always seems like I am racing around the weekend before we start.  But, start we did.  Our day was a mixed bag, I would have to say.  We had some successes and a few attitudes needed some adjusting.  But since we did everything I planned I think I will call it a success!

I didn’t take “official” first day of school photos today.  At least, not ones I can post today.  My Canon digital camera decided to get an error code and I haven’t been able to get it fixed yet.  So, I used my older camera to capture some of our activities.  The official first day photos will be taken on film this year.

In the meantime, here is how our day went:


Buddy, as usual, was up and ready to go before I was ready for him to be ready to go…  Smile  Here he is checking out our school day since I had laid all of the books and materials out on the table.  I don’t do that all of the time, but it helps me to do this the first few days until we fall into more of a routine.  This way I’m not looking all over the place for something.



Boo is our Sleeping Beauty.  Ever since she came home she has been a great sleeper.  This was great when we wanted to sleep in on Saturday mornings before Buddy came home.  It is not so great when I am trying to get them up and ready for school.  Smile  Here is breakfast time.


Next was our Quiet and Bible Time.


We are working on the 24 Family Ways.


Then Boo worked on her own on some of her Language Arts while I worked with Buddy on his.  We used the new Phonics with Ease curriculum that I developed for him.  It worked well and I think once we get into the games he will really enjoy it.



I bought the pocket chart at Target from their dollar bin.  I am thinking I will use some pvc pipe to make a little stand for it.  In the meantime, using a couple of rubber bands and attaching it to the dresser in our kitchen worked really well.  And it will be very easy to remove when I need to.


Next Boo got her chance to work with me on Language Arts while Buddy did a couple of things on his own and then had  a break.  He can only last a short time without being right by my side.


Silent Reading time.


Next was Math.  For some reason they like to do their Math on the couch.  When we don’t need to use the blocks that’s where we work.


Lunch and dishes.  The other little boy is my nephew.  I keep both of my sister’s kids when she and her husband are both working.  When they are here they join in on some of our schooling.


Coloring while listening to Little Women from Librivox.

I didn’t get any photos of the rest of our day.  I was either too busy or they didn’t turn out.  We read aloud our Rome to Reformation history and science books.  We also did a music theory worksheet and a quick art worksheet about lines.  Then we did a library skills activity.  And then we were done for the day!


Apparently the kids thought the day was a success as well.  As soon as we finished they went off to play…SCHOOL!  Smile

So, how was your day?

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  1. Looks like a great First Day of school!! I love your pics!!
    We too, are working through the 24 family ways. I love that book!!
    {Found you from the NBTS Blog Hop}
    Hope you have a wonderful year schooling!!

    Many Blessings!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Janelle! I have enjoyed Educating Your Wholehearted Child for several years, but I just bought 24 Ways this year. I really like how they word things.

    • Ha! How funny. 🙂 My son does that, too. Takes whatever we have learned for the day and “plays” it. I think boys..or at least my boy..need to move to remember things. Thanks for stopping by.

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