The World is Our Classroom…or Something Like That!


I’m sure that almost anyone who has been homeschooling for awhile would say that “The World is Our Classroom” was coined to apply to homeschoolers!  We school through living life and so anything can become a lesson.  Even looking at the parts of my kids’ education that outsiders would recognize as “school”, it would bear little resemblance to a regular classroom.  I have schooled my kids on the deck, in the park, in the van, at various relatives’ houses, and in a hotel room. 

In our case, I could say also say, “The Whole House is Our Classroom”.  I do have a room downstairs that I could probably set up as a dedicated classroom, but I’ve chosen to mostly use our kitchen and living room instead.  The kitchen, especially, is where the action is in our house and so schooling just naturally happens there as well. 







So our kitchen has some added items that look very different from the kitchen I was raised in!  Our kitchen and dining room are one large room with a bar in the middle.  We are blessed with two large closets on one side of the dining room.  I have shelves in one that hold most of our day-to-day materials.  Each of my children has a tub that holds their notebooks, reading books, some workbooks, and their pencil holders.  On one shelf I have dividers and I keep our family books and the teacher’s guides in those.  I also keep tubs of crayons, markers, glue, and other supplies on the shelves.  The bottom holds a container of various papers and file folders.  Our Math-U-See blocks are in the wooden containers next to the markers.  And the white basket holds some flashcards, the DVDs to our math programs, and our music cds.


I also have a cart that I got at JoAnn’s.  I  use it as a modified workbox system. 


And I have an old dresser that I use to keep art supplies that we use often as well as our science equipment. 


I have my regular bookshelves, most of my art supplies, and tubs of materials that I am not currently using in our basement.  Here you can see our art supply shelf in the laundry room.


We do Math, most of our Science, Art, and any messy project in the kitchen or outside on our deck.  Reading, most Social Studies, Language Arts, Music, Poetry, and Health are done in the Living Room.





That’s how my “classroom” is arranged.  Because we need to eat in our kitchen as well, it means that we have to have regular clean up times throughout the day so the table isn’t completely buried by supper time.  But it has worked for us for the past several y ears.


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